cauliflower with saffron + pine nuts + sultanas | an adapted recipe from ‘moro, the cookbook’

The River and Wren markets were on in Wagga over the weekend. Cork Daddy and I took the girls for something to do and were really impressed. So many stalls selling local, homemade goodies; there was something for everyone. From sweet treats and health foods to wall hangings, baby clothes and jewellery, the show ground […]

salmon + rice bake

Of course you’re allowed to disagree with me, but I don’t think there is anything daggy about tinned salmon. I love it. Not used as much as it should, you don’t see many recipes cutting round using this tinned fish anymore. I’ve grown up eating salmon rissolesย a lot and enjoy making this delicious salmon pate. […]

a warm winter salad | roasted pumpkin + cauliflower brown rice salad

This roasted pumpkin salad is the perfect thing to bring when told ‘not to bring a thing’. So leave the Favourites at home and turn up with this impressive salad instead when invited to a friends place for a barbie.ย Goes down really well with any grilled meat, tastes delicious, looks great and is sure to […]