12 ways with mince | best ever mince recipes

Mince. Every home cooks best friend. Easy, affordable, oh so versatile and talk about tasty. A flavour carrier that is perfect for making quick and easy midweek meals, it’s always a staple in my trolley.

Beef, pork, chicken or sausage mince. There’s a recipe below for every occasion and to suit everyones taste buds and budget.

Giving you 12 of Lo’s Kitchen’s mince recipes… and in no particular order.

What will you make this weekend?

1 san choy bow

One word for you. Flavour.


2 cheats vietnamese pork rolls | banh mi

The ultimate Friday night meal for when friends pop round for a couple of drinks.


3 shepherds pie

Comforting and delicious. Perfect for a cold winter’s night.


4. beef chow mein

An oldie but a goodie.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 7.25.53 pm

5 spaghetti + meatballs

Every kids favourite.


6 beef nachos

Share food at it’s best.


7 curried beef pie

An absolute must have recipe.


8 mum’s meatloaf

There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia.


9 gyoza | pork dumplings

Impressive. Delicious. Addictive.


10 lo’s spaghetti bolognese

A staple in our household.


11 thai chicken balls

Perfect party food.

12 nee’s sausage rolls

A game changer. Once you have one of Nee’s sausage rolls – you’ll never be the same again.

Have you got another great mince recipe? Please share below. xx



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