seafood paella | as featured in the summer 2018 edition of graziher magazine

Lo Corcoran talks all things Christmas ham, New Year’s resolutions, seafood paella and the beloved game of cricket.  How good is Christmas ham. Cork Daddy’s favourite food, I have to admit I’m a bit fussy when it comes to the carving. I love it really finely shaved – please no ham steaks for me! Frequenting many a […]

salmon + rice bake

Of course you’re allowed to disagree with me, but I don’t think there is anything daggy about tinned salmon. I love it. Not used as much as it should, you don’t see many recipes cutting round using this tinned fish anymore. I’ve grown up eating salmon rissoles a lot and enjoy making this delicious salmon pate. […]

pan fried salmon served w mashed pumpkin + a salad of orange, fennel + walnut | easy + elegant + tasty

I’ve given myself an unofficial mystery box challenge it seems like. A good friend of mine gave me a huge pile of oranges from her abundant tree and a pumpkin so big that I was determined to come up with a dish that used both ingredients. A fan of Masterchef over the past decade, I love […]

baked fish w a crispy breadcrumb topping | good friday meal | friends for dinner

For centuries, people have been keeping with tradition and eating fish on Good Friday. The Sydney Fish Markets sell more seafood on this day than any other day of the year! One of these years I’m going to go and experience it for myself. Apparently the fish markets on Good Friday doesn’t make for a […]

the perfect dipping sauce for oysters | ‘tiverton’ sauce

Is there anything better than a freshly shucked oyster matched with a glass of champers on a Saturday arvo? We’ve just spent the weekend surrounded by great friends in the most picturesque setting imaginable, ‘Tiverton’, the Shorten’s gorgeous seaside farm in Central Tilba on the NSW south coast. I had to keep pinching myself as it was […]