pan fried salmon with a honey + soy + garlic glaze

One of the things I love most about our annual family holiday to Mollymook is the fresh seafood at our fingertips. The days are spent at the beach with most evenings being happily spent in the kitchen. We feast on prawns and oysters down at Ulladulla wharf, eat lots of fresh fish (my favourite being flathead tails), enjoy mussels cooked by Lou and Julia (my two food loving sister-in-laws) and of course, our giant paella pan comes out on Australia Day to feed the masses with my seafood paella.

Along with getting take away pizza each trip and going out for dinner and drinks at Bannisters as a special treat – we all take it in turns cooking dinner. Lou’s putting on a big pot of mussels this arvo and I’m throwing some Thai inspired fish parcels in to the oven tonight. It’s a real team effort.

If you’re looking for something impressive to dish up to family and friends during the summer months – than this pan fried salmon with a honey, soy and garlic glaze is for you. Absolutely delicious and ridiculously easy to make, I bet you’ll be asked for the recipe time and time again. Serve it up with whatever takes your fancy – think steamed or fried rice, vermicelli noodles, steamed greens or go for a big leafy salad instead. Fresh, simple and tasty – it really is a winner of a meal.

Drink o’clock is fast approaching and I better get cracking on dinner. I have to squeeze in a quick trip to the shops for some last minute supplies and it probably wouldn’t hurt to give my hair a wash – as it hasn’t seen a shampoo bottle since we arrived! Luckily Cork Daddy’s doing a suburb job of keeping the drink fridge topped up.

But all of this will have to wait as there’s more important issues to attend to first. I’m talking about another cheeky swim of course. Gotta get your priorities straight.

Oh how I love the Mook!




Be sure to check out Lo’s tips below.

pan fried salmon with a honey + soy + garlic glaze
(serves 4)

4 x salmon fillets, pin-boned (preferably with the skin on)
2 x cloves of garlic, finely sliced
4 x tablespoons of soy sauce
3 x tablespoons of honey
The juice of a lemon
A dash of olive oil
Salt and freshly cracked pepper
Fresh coriander, to serve
Spring onions, finely sliced, to serve
Fried rice, to serve

  • In a small mixing bowl, stir together the garlic, soy sauce and honey and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
  • Season the salmon fillets with a generous amount of salt and pepper on both sides.
  • In a large non stick fry pan add a dash of olive oil (on a med-high heat) and fry the salmon fillets, skin side down for 3-4 minutes (depending on their thickness). Turn the salmon fillets over and cook for another minute or so (or until you think they’re nearly cooked through).
  • Pour in the marinade, basting the salmon as it cooks for about a minute (turning the heat down here).
  • Once you’re happy with how the salmon is cooked (use a fork to flake apart the thickest part of the salmon to check), squeeze the lemon juice over the top and arrange the fillets on to a serving platter and top with the remaining marinade.
  • Sprinkle with a generous amount of fresh coriander and spring onions and serve immediately with some homemade fried rice.

Goes perfectly with a glass of chilled white wine.

Lo’s tips

  • Maggie Beer taught me a tip for pan frying fish fillets; obviously the thickest part of the fillet takes longer to cook than the thinner part at the end of the fillet. After the thin part of the fillet is cooked, pull it to one side so that it’s hanging over the edge of the pan – making sure that the thickest part of the fillet still has direct contact with the pan. By hanging it over the side of the pan, it’ll stop the cooking process and therefore won’t overcook the thinner part of the fish. (I hope that makes sense?!)
  • There’s nothing worse than an overcooked piece of salmon as it can become quite dry, but you also don’t want to serve up a raw piece of fish. Practice makes perfect – but just make sure you keep a very close eye on the cooking of the salmon and if the pieces of fish are very different in size and thickness – you might need to cook certain pieces for a longer or shorter amount of time.
  • By all means serve the salmon with some chilli sauce if you like or add chilli flakes or fresh chilli to the marinade to give it a bit of a kick.
  • You could also sprinkle some sesame seeds over the top of the cooked salmon if you have them handy.
  • Adjust the marinade amounts depending on how many salmon fillets you’re cooking and I use two fry pans if I’m feeding a crowd.

If you make this salmon, please leave your comments below. xx


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