warm cous cous salad w roasted carrots + haloumi + broccolini + pine nuts

How about a delicious warm salad for a healthy meat free Monday night meal? This cous cous salad is filling and delicious. Meat free Monday for me is really about playing around with ingredients and flavours. We’re constantly told to ditch the red meat for more veggies, (now please don’t get me wrong – I […]

chicken caesar salad

Am I even allowed to call this Caesar salad a salad? With the deliciously salty prosciutto, toasted to perfection crunchy sourdough crumbs, freshly shaved parmesan and the delightfully anchovey-ie dressing – it seems too good to be called a salad. It’s a complete meal in itself, perfect for a weekend lunch or for a midweek […]

salad of buffalo mozzarella, peaches & parma ham | friends for dinner

Saturday night. Friends coming round for dinner. What to cook? Well you can’t go past an Italian menu of shared, relaxed food. So throw some spag bol on for the littlies and follow this menu below, keeping things simple, delicious and fun. I like to scribble the menu on a large piece of butchers paper […]