brown rice lunch bowl…

I feel the same way about brown rice as I do at the start of each new season. “What on earth did I used to wear last winter?” as I search for something to wear in the beginning of the colder months.

What on earth did I used to eat before discovering individual, microwavable brown rice sachets? This is my go to lunch at the moment and even Cork Daddy has been stock piling brown rice in his office kitchen for a quick and easy lunch time snack.

Simply throw anything that you have in the pantry or fresh from the fridge in. Marinated feta is great to have in a jar in the fridge as are little tins of corn and mixed beans or chickpeas to really bulk up this salad. Any type of onion or shallots thrown in also gives the salad some flavour. Basically, the rice is the base and you create the rest.

I drizzle a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some good balsamic vinegar on top, as well as a few Maldon sea salt flakes and freshly cracked pepper. But please, do not forget the secret ingredient if you are a chilli lover like me. A shake of some chilli flakes. Makes all the difference.

Some shredded bbq chook, baked or grilled salmon or some marinated tofu also works wonders here for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.

Pictured is some brown rice with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, tin of tuna, some cucumber, tin corn and a tin of mixed beans.


  1. Thanks Lo’s Kitchen for some much needed inspiration for some quick and tasty lunches! At the beginning of each week I roast some sweet potato and pop it in the freezer at work, and make sure I have some tinned salmon, tuna and chickpeas in the cupboard (sweet chilli is my favourite flavour tuna, and I’ve tried a few!). All you need is a few extra fresh ingredients and you have a delicious and healthy meal that leaves colleagues impressed and envious! Yesterday’s salad had some beautiful truffle cheese leftover from a work function, absolutely scrumptious. I’d never considered using brown rice in my salads, but it means it’s tasty and filling.

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    1. Thanks Case. That sounds great. Love the idea of roasting your veggies for the week. I should do that too! Where would we be without tuna? Like you, I always have a stock pile.


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