curried sausages | a family favourite

Our best mate Geoff just bought a sous vide machine. A really good cook, you’d be hard pressed finding anyone who could grill a steak on the barbie better than Geoff.

Geoff’s buying sous vide machines and I’m making curried sausages.

Curried sausages that Nee, following in her late mum Lyn’s footsteps often makes when she has a house full. I have very fond memories of visiting Nee’s family home, in Mayrung (near Deniliquin) when one Christmas Eve, Lynny brings out a steaming hot pot of the much loved curried sausage dish.

Me being fairly new to the family at this stage and not wanting to offend Lyn in any way, plants a huge smile on my face, trying to hide my disappointment that it was boiled curried sausages for tea. Of course, Corks knows me too well, kicking me under the table and very loudly proclaiming for all to hear “don’t you like Lynny’s curried sausages Lo?”


To this day I can’t remember what I did after that. I do know now that every time Nee makes curried sausages, Pop loves leading the rest of the family in making sure that we all have a laugh at how much I dont like them. Nothing against Lyn’s curried sausages mind you. I’ve always just preferred a snag on bread, cooked on a barbie within an inch of it’s life. Something about a boiled grey snag just doesn’t do it for me.

I must admit, I have come around to curried sausages, slightly. The Corcoran’s must be rubbing off on me. My recipe calls for pan frying the sausages first to give them that nice crispy texture (as opposed to other recipes that call for boiling the sausages). It’s a one pan dish and goes well with some mashed potato. May not be restaurant quality like Geoff’s piece of twelve hour, twice cooked pork belly, but the kids’ll be happy and we’ll all enjoy Corks telling stories of the good ol’ days in Mayrung with his cousins.

Such special memories.

This post is dedicated to Corks’ grandma, Lyn, who was loved by all. A beautiful person inside and out. And a beautful cook.

Pictured here is Lyn and her grandson Matt being transported “like the queen” to her first ever plane ride from Albury to Sydney for our wedding.
This recipe can easily be doubled.
It’s so tempting to eat one of these right now.
Cut the snags on a diagonal.
I use minced garlic from a jar when I’m feeling lazy. Substitute the carrots and peas for celery and capsicum if you like.
So simple and can be made ahead. Simply reheat when needed, adding a dash more water to loosen up the sauce.
Make them in a large saucepan instead if you like.

curried sausages

The trick is to cook the sausages before adding them in to the gravy sauce. Other recipes boil the snags but I really like the texture that the sausages being browned off beforehand, brings to the dish. There’s something about a grey boiled sausage that really turns me off.

8 x beef sausages
1 x large brown onion, finely sliced
1 x teaspoon of minced garlic
1 x tablespoon of plain flour
1 x scant teaspoon of curry powder
2 x cups of beef stock (or substitute for chicken or vegetable depending on what you have handy)
2 x large carrots, peeled and sliced on the diagonal
1 x handful of frozen peas
A dash of Worchestershire sauce
A dash of tomato sauce
Salt and pepper
Mashed potato, to serve

  • In a large fry pan, cook the sausages until nicely browned. Remove, cut in to pieces on the diagonal (so that each sausage is cut in to three or four pieces, depending on their size) and set aside.
  • In the same fry pan, sauté the onion and garlic until cooked (there should be enough oily grease leftover from cooking the snags but if not – add a touch of olive oil to help them along).
  • Stir through the flour and curry powder and let it cook off before adding the stock, whilst stirring to incorporate. Add the Worchestershire sauce, tomato sauce and season with salt and pepper. Bring the sauce to a boil and then turn it down to a simmer.
  • Stir through the carrots and peas and cook until tender.
  • Re-add the snags and cook for a minute or two longer so that they’re nice and steaming hot.
  • Serve with mashed potato.

If you happen to make this recipe, please leave your comments below. xx

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