anzac biscuits

The iconic Anzac biscuit. Named after the ANZAC’s in World War I, they’re a deliciously sweet biscuit, going perfectly with a hot cup of tea. Made from flour, rolled oats and golden syrup, there are many different versions of Anzac biscuits, although the ingredients generally remain the same. I prefer the thin Anzac biccies that […]

homemade chicken schnitzel burgers | the perfect friday night tv dinner

My sister Case recently ate her way through Austria on a grand schnitzel tour. Well, that’s how she refers to her uni exchange trip anyway. She sent me pics of many a gorgeously thin Wiener schnitzel the size of a large dinner plate. So jel! I recall doing the same thing when Cork Daddy and […]

chicken pin wheel sandwiches | a quick + easy lunch that the kiddies will love

This post is dedicated to my good friend, Lizard who helped me stuff around making my first ever cooking video today. We had so much fun doing it and although getting the Timelapse video for Insta took about 500 goes, this video below was our first and only take! Since uni days I’ve mucked around […]

hokkien noodles w chicken + broccoli + carrots | healthy kids dinner | my girls’ favourite ‘chicken noodles’

I’ve had numerous requests asking what my two little girls, Charlotte and Annabelle (aged 4 and 2) love to eat for dinner. I often discuss food with friends of mine to see what they’re cooking up for their kids. In our household, food is a much loved topic as well. My 4 year old Charlotte […]