banana + mixed berry smoothie

Anyone up for some ‘purple ice-cream?’ AKA a banana and mixed berry smoothie. Makes for the perfect breakfast or easy snack for you and the kids and if you’re like me – when 3 o’clock rolls round – you’re looking for something to get you through to dinner time.

I’ve trialled so many smoothie recipes since Cork Daddy came home with a new stick blender, determined to make all sorts of liquidy things. So far, the best creation with our new toy has been the peach Bellini’s he made at Charlotte’s birthday party. Yum!

This smoothie comes in a close second. It has a really nice consistency, you’d almost call it a thick shake. It tastes really fresh and is so filling. Substitute the mixed berries for straight blueberry, raspberry or strawberries but DO use the frozen ones as they work to keep the smoothie nice and cold. No one likes a lukewarm smoothie.

banana + berry smoothie (makes 2 small smoothies)

2 x frozen bananas
1 x cup of mixed frozen berries
1 x cup of milk
1 x teaspoon of honey

  • Simply place all ingredients in to a blender or use a stick blender to mix all ingredients together.

Lo’s tips

  • If you want the smoothie to be a ‘wetter’ consistency so that you can suck it through a straw, simply add more milk. My girls like it so that it’s quite thick, preferring to use a teaspoon to scoop it up. We call it purple ice-cream!
  • Of course you can use fresh berries and bananas instead of frozen, however I think it works better with the frozen fruit. If you do use fresh fruit – you can add some ice cubes to ensure that it stays really cold.



If you make this smoothie please leave your comments below, or send me a pic here as I would love to share it on the blog. xx

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