watermelon christmas trees

We’re big in to Christmas trees in our house. Did you know that my Mum and Dad grow fresh pine trees, selling them at their ‘cut your own’ Christmas tree farm each year? For as long as I can remember we’ve always had a fresh tree, no fake plastic ones in sight. We’ve got many happy memories of picking out our tree and bringing it inside to adorn in our families copious collection of mismatched Chrissie decorations, most of them being brought home proudly from school by my brother and sisters over the years.

Before the days of having a proper Christmas tree stand (you know the good sturdy ones with the four prongs that you screw in to the bottom of the tree to hold it upright) I used to remember Dad setting up elaborate contraptions to try and keep the tree straight and from falling over. Rope was strung up, bits of wood and dirt were arranged in buckets to try and wedge in the base of the tree and many a laugh was had at our ‘leaning tower of Pisa’ masterpiece.

So with happy Christmas vibes in mind, I give to you this inspo for these Christmas trees made out of watermelon. I wouldn’t actually call this a recipe, more just a fun idea for the kids. Grab a knife, grab some fruit and get chopping. Perfect for little fingers, easy to do and elegant in it’s simplicity, I urge you to try one of your own.

Scuse the stumpy little fingers. Not sure this is one of my best ever food shots.
Use your imagination. Any number of types of fruit could be used to add decorations. Think blueberries, raspberries, grapes or cherries.
Perfect for little fingers.

Little ‘fruit’ trees can come in all shapes and sizes, use your imagination and get in to the festive spirit. I’d love to see your creations, post a pic on insta and tag @los_kitchen. xx

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