breakie share plate

Does anyone else feel like they’re the only one not on holidays at the moment? Every time you log on to Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’re met with holiday pics of friends standing on a white sandy beach somewhere, cocktail in hand with a caption something along the lines of “never want to leave”?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for them. I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up to look forward to myself, like heading off to the beach next weekend with the fam bam. My parents just bought a holiday house on the South Coast and I’m absolutely pumped. My sister Elles Belles (currently living in London) has requested that Dad build a pizza oven and Mum has been busy shopping, making sure that the kitchen is stocked with everything from a sandwich press, jaffle maker, toaster, kettle, saucepans and talk about crockery overload!

The one thing ‘Burralong’ (which was named by Dad where he’s blended the words ‘Tomalong’ and ‘Culburra’ together) doesn’t have, is a dishwasher.

I actually think that not having a dishwasher in a holiday home is a good thing. My girls and their cousins will grow up actually learning how to wash up wearing pink gloves and having to find their place in the pecking order; we’ll need a ‘washer-up’er’er’, ‘a dryer’ and ‘put away-er’er’ like when we were growing up. There’ll be tea towel fights and we’ll get to see their personalities coming out – seeing who has an excuse every time the washing up needs to be done. The ultimate washer-up’er’er dodger. Not naming any names – Casey.

Oh and don’t forget our family’s giant sized paella pan! Oh the food we’ll enjoy in the many upcoming trips to the beach. Which brings me back to this post about the breakie share plate. On weekends when you have a house full – a great idea is to throw together some fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt, and any other dried fruit or nuts that you have handy. Perfect to place on the table for your guests to pick at while you get the coffee machine cranking.

I’ll often chuck some fruit and yoghurt and other bits and bobs on a platter for breakie for the girls. So quick and there’s something that little bit special about eating together off of the one giant plate. Makes you feel like you’re at a buffet on a tropical island somewhere. Totally easy cooking and a good way to incorporate some more fruit in to your daily routine. Communal meals like these will be getting a run a lot I’d imagine at Burralong over the years.

I’m sure Bonnie Doon didn’t have a dishwasher.


breakie share plate

There’s no real recipe as such, as it really depends on how many people you’re feeding and what you have in the fridge. My girls go crazy for watermelon and strawberries and we always have apples in the house. Please feel free to be creative and I’d love for you to share any of your ‘breakie share plate’ ideas in the comments section below. 


Lo’s tips

  • I like to leave the stems on the strawbs and the rind on the watermelon so little hands can pick them up easily.
  • Any type of fresh fruit works here and you could even throw on some freshly shaved ham and cheese and some croissants which always go down a treat.
  • Make sure you have plenty of bowls and spoons handy to pile up the yoghurt and muesli.

Bed hair, don’t care. IMG_8142.jpg

If you have any good suggestions of things to add to the breakie share plate, please comment below. xx

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