T.Y.S juice | freshly squeezed granny smith apple + fennel + lime juice

I did think about coining this ‘gumtree juice’. I’m sure there are loads of you out there that have juice making machines collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere. I’ve always wanted one and finally bit the bullet – I found mine on gumtree this week.

The main reason behind me wanting to buy a juice machine was the delicious juice we had whilst visiting our great family friends, the Shortens in Tilba a couple of months ago.

For as long as I’ve known Mandy, she has had a juicer and over the years I’ve enjoyed fresh juices at their place. The apple, fennel and lime juice she made that weekend though was out of this world. You often hear of people adding ginger, celery, carrots and a large variety of unusual fruit and veggies but I had never heard of adding fennel to a fresh juice before.

The fennel really gives this juice a bit of a kick, in the same way ginger does in a carrot juice I guess. It’s odd – you can’t taste any anniseed flavour, more just a bit of heat. The lime freshens it up and make sure you have some fresh ice cubes handy because fresh juice is always so much more enjoyable served cold as opposed to room temperature. It’s also good to keep the juicing ingredients in the fridge so that they’re cold before hand.

So you’re still wondering where the T.Y.S juice comes from? Well it stands for Tall. Young. Slim. Mandy’s motto and the three little letters that are written on her champagne flute with the black marker designed to set guests glasses apart at parties.

Drink this juice and it’ll make you feel fabulous. Very T.Y.S indeed. Make it when you have friends or family staying for the weekend. Make it for an afternoon pick me up. Make it on a Sunday morning after a night out.

Make this juice often and I guarantee you, you won’t be wanting to sell your juicer on gumtree.


T.Y.S juice | freshly squeezed granny smith apple + fennel + lime juice

1 x small wedge of fennel
6 x Granny Smith apples
1/4 lime

I use a Breville juice fountain to make this.

  • Simply add ingredients one by one to a juicer and serve straight away with some ice cubes.




If you make this T.Y.S juice, please leave your comments below. xx

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