silverbeet salad w almonds

Every man and his dog that has a veggie patch seems to grow silverbeet, am I right? What do you do with it, do you ask? Apart from making a silverbeet, feta and pastry tart, I have often wondered what I should be cooking with it as it wilts away in a plastic shopping bag in my fridge.

Similar to the rockmelon (filler fruit in my opinion), silverbeet is rarely the star of the show, the belle of the ball or the avocado of vegetables; sexy, expensive and often seen in classy establishments on sourdough toast, next to its handsome friend, the long black.

Another reason why you should say “yes please” when a friend offers it to you from the garden or buy it from the green grocer when it is in season (it’s cheap as chips!) is that it is good for you and actually so versatile. A really good “flavour carrier” vegetable which works well tossed in to a spicy Thai curry or shredded and thrown in to a pasta bake with chicken and a rich, creamy white sauce.

So If I still haven’t convinced you that this vegetable is worth a look in – this recipe for the simplest salad on earth will definitely do just that. It goes really well with a rich stew, curry or roast meat (or Lo’s moussaka). It is very bitter so it doesn’t shine on its own, but once paired up with some rich, saucy meat, gosh does it work.

Please make this. Please share this recipe for any greenthumbs that you know. Let them get to the silverbeet before the rabbits do.

silverbeet salad

Extremely finely sliced bunch of silverbeet
Flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
Half a spanish onion, finely chopped
Slivered almonds, lightly toasted

Splash of olive oil
Smaller splash of white vinegar
Clove of garlic, minced
Juice of half a lemon
Teaspoon of castor sugar

– When ready to serve, drizzle the dressing and almonds over the top and mix. It is SO important to dress this salad right before serving so as not to wilt the spinach leaves and to keep the nuts crunchy.

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