christmas tree cake

It was snowing in Boorowa today. Snowing icing sugar that is. The girls and I sifted icing sugar snow not only over our fresh rosemary Christmas trees, but over half the kitchen.

Such a sweet little decorating idea that can be used to top any cake at this time of year. All you need is some fresh rosemary, a few wooden skewers, some twine or ribbon and of course some snow, AKA some sifted icing sugar.

Easy. Effective. And fun.

Give it a try.

christmas tree cake

Simply tie the wooden skewers to the back of a piece of rosemary (which is upside down so that the rosemary leaves are pointing down) and position on the cake. For best results, use a number of different sized pieces, or ‘trees’. Tie another little piece of string to the top of the tree in a bow, or use any little pom poms or decorations that you have handy. Then cover in sifted icing sugar and you’ve got yourself a fun little Christmas cake.

Pictured above is my Mum’s simple 200 gram cake but you could also top a chocolate cake, the Annabelle cake, a carrot cake, sultana cake or a butter sponge.


If you happen to make this Christmas tree cake, I’d love to see a pic. Tag @los_kitchen on Insta. xx

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