tarte tatin

I was pulling this out of the oven tonight when Timbo got the phone call from his mum; his grandma Lyn had sadly passed away.

Lyn, more commonly known as ‘Nin’ to her 6 grandkids, 10 great grandkids (and counting), was an absolute larger than life character. Always with a huge smile on her face, she brought joy with her everywhere she went. She was kind, fun to be around, loved to have a laugh and boy was she funny.

Lynny loved to eat and loved to cook; I loved hearing how she’d ask for more ice-cream during her time in hospital this past week. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed our conversations about different recipes she’d been trying; was always so curious of her bread making machine and have fond memories of Nin turning up to visit us in Wagga, coming armed with her delicious offerings of home cooking. Meat pies (made with mince and puff pastry) still warm from her pie maker, Melting Moments (I think she called them ‘Yo Yo’s) and fresh curried egg and lettuce sandwiches are just some that spring to mind.

Not only was Lynny generous, what made people so drawn to her was her interest in what you were up to. She’d always ask after my brother Pete and brother in law, Jez who had such a hoot of a time together at our wedding; she’d send our girls birthday presents in the mail; beautiful books with special inscriptions inside – these will be treasured forever; and she knitted the sweetest ‘Primrose’ bunnies when Charlotte, Annabelle and my niece Emily were born.

Lyn had a love of animals like no-one I’ve ever known. We’d all have a laugh about how being a member of WIRES, Lyn would bend over backwards to help out the poor joeys that’d been left orphaned after a roadkill accident. Whilst they were being nursed back to health at Nin’s house, her grandson Justy would be out on the farm each night doing his best to keep the local Mayrung roo population down.

Not only was Lynny mad about animals, she was mad about sport. AFL and cricket were among her favourites and I have some happy memories of sitting under the air con in her living room with the telly on, laughter and the sound of the commentary in the background. Lynny loved playing cards and owned the entire Downton Abbey box set. What a woman!

Losing Lynny is heartbreaking. She was so loved and will be missed by so many. I know Lynny’ll be doing alright up there though. It makes me smile thinking about her reuniting with Grandy and Max and if one thing’s for sure, she won’t find it hard making new friends in heaven. She’ll have them all in stitches in no time.

I just feel so lucky to of known you.

Charlotte with her great grandmother, Nin. Glengower, Christmas 2014.


This tarte tatin is good, honest, hearty home cooking at it’s best; and would you believe that it only uses 4 ingredients. Perfect to share with family and friends.

tarte tatin

1 x sheet of frozen puff pastry
1/2 x cup of raw sugar
1 x large tablespoon of butter
4-5 apples, peeled, cored and quartered
Vanilla ice-cream, to serve

  • Preheat the oven to 180℃.
  • Prick the piece of pastry all over with a fork and set aside.
  • Add the sugar to a stainless steel fry pan (one that has a handle that is able to go in the oven) and cook over a medium heat, swirling it around by the handle, NOT stirring with a spoon, until the sugar has just melted (see pics).
  • Add the butter and continue to swirl around until all melted (take off the heat if it’s getting too hot).
  • Carefully arrange the apples in a circular pattern in the hot caramel, making sure that they have a snug fit.
  • Simply place the sheet of puff pastry over the top and trim the edges with a knife, tucking in the edges (see pics).
  • Pop the fry pan in the oven and bake for approx 20 minutes or until the pastry has turned a nice golden brown colour and has puffed up.
  • Take it out of the oven and set aside for 2 minutes before taking a large round serving plate and (being careful not to burn yourself) placing it upside down over the fry pan; flipping the tart over.
  • Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream.

If you make this tarte tatin, please leave your comments below. xx


  1. Made your Tarte Tatin last night and was an absolute success. Five of us tasted and a unanimous vote of satisfaction. Will make it again for sure. Thank you for sharing.


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