the joys of moving house

There is one word to describe moving house and that is ‘takeaway’. Gosh have we gone through some of it this week. Chinese on Tuesday, pizza delivery Wednesday and Indian on Thursday.

We finally have a fridge plugged in at our new digs which means there is not only somewhere to put all the leftovers from my significant over ordering, but we can now sneak in a couple of fruit and veggies and at least have some milk for breakfast.

Having hired help in the form of a tribe of dashing delivery men with two giant trucks, we thought this move would be a piece of cake. And I guess it has all gone fairly smoothly. Apart from both of our fridges dying (they’d had a good life) and that no one can ever find their car keys, we’re finally in and even Blue dog seems to be starting to settle in to his new abode. We think he likes sleeping on top of the underfloor heating even more so than on the couch. Most spoilt dog ever!

We couldn’t of done it without my mother-in-law Anne though. What a trooper. She’s been here scrubbing, sorting, stacking, unpacking, sweeping and mopping, all with a smile on her face and her trademark happy disposition. I’m so stiff, all my joints are aching and my lower back is screaming for me to sit down; Cork daddy will be the first one to tell you how knocked up I’m feeling. And although Anne’s been at it even harder than me, no-ones heard boo from her with a complaint or negative remark.

So here’s to Anne. We couldn’t thank you enough. Here’s to my lovely friends who’ve dropped round bottles of bubbly and homemade ham and cheese baquettes for lunch. Here’s to Shorty for his help with our new fridge; things were looking pretty hairy there for a moment but you got it in. Here’s to Aunty Lou whose been amazing keeping our little ones from under too many feet.

Here’s to our new neighbour David who welcomed us warmly yesterday by bringing in the bins and giving me a run through on which bins go on which day and what goes in what. We told him that the Waratahs silly Sunday was being held in our backyard this weekend and he didn’t batt an eyelid, instead replying, “Terrific. I’ll pop over for a beer”.

Here’s to the Sunshine Ave tennis club that we can’t wait to see get off the ground. I found a couple of old racquets in the shed so we’re ready to go.

And here’s to our new house.

I’m busting to try out the new oven – I just need to figure out what all four doors are for? I’m thinking of seeing how cold the pool is with a cheeky dip, and I’m looking forward to knowing which light switch turns on which light.

But most of all I’m looking forward to turning our new house in to a home.

I think we’re already off to the right start.


  1. Go Anne!! You have definitely taken one for the team, and I’m not sure if I subbed in ‘sunny disposition’ and no complaining would be how I was described.

    Can’t wait to see the place guys xx

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  2. Beautiful piece Laura! And so timely. The movers are here today. End of an era for us in Geoffrey Street Turramurra. We are a tad emotional but trying not to feel anything. I think there will be tears before bedtime. Good luck and congratulations Laura. Love Helen Shorten. 😘

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