chocolate crackles

Deep fried Mars bars. I can’t say I’ve ever cooked a deep fried Mars bar. Or eaten one for that matter.

I did however used to throw a Mars bar in the freezer every now and then. Although I don’t have the worlds largest sweet tooth there was always something about a frozen Mars bar that totally did it for me. I loved how the caramel turned really hard when cold.

Well it turns out that there’s something even better than a frozen Mars bar for an indulgent sweet treat. A frozen good old fashioned chocolate crackle! Pure bliss.

Staying at Meemar and Grandads in Sydney for a couple of days – I absolutely love how Mum has all of the ingredients (including the copha, sprinkles and patty cases) all in the house ready to go. Just on the off chance she has to whip up a batch of these for a kids party, family gathering or for a cake stall at school.

I actually can’t believe Mum keeps copha in the fridge after what happened. Did I mention there’s a bit of a story behind the ol’ choccie crackle? Making them for the twins birthday party years ago – running round the house well after midnight trying to get everything ready for the party the next day – Mum forgot about the copha melting on the stove and the kitchen caught on fire. The local fire brigade said that if they’d arrived two minutes later – the whole house would of been lost.


Lucky Dad was there to throw the hose up in to the roof. I can still remember standing out the front of Tomalong, weary eyed and totally shocked as to what had just happened. To top this all off – Pete and I started a kitchen fire when Mum and Dad were on holidays in the Margaret River a year or so later whilst frying hot chips (and just after the brand new kitchen had finally been finished). But that’s another story. Woopsie daisies.

Chocolate crackles. They’re cost effective, tasty and not nearly as bad for you as a deep fried Mars bar. Make some for your next kids birthday party, and throw the extra’s in the freezer for you to snack on secretly.

Just whatever you do – make sure you keep a close eye on that copha!


chocolate crackles

4 x cups of rice bubbles
1 x cup of icing sugar
1 x cup of desiccated coconut
3 x tablespoons of cocoa
250 grams of copha*
100’s and 1000’s, for sprinkling over the top
You will need around 30 patty cases

  • Stir the rice bubbles, icing sugar, coconut and cocoa together in a large mixing bowl. Set aside.
  • Arrange the patty cases on a large tray. Set aside.
  • In a small saucepan over a low heat, gently melt the copha, stirring with a wooden spoon constantly and being patient. (Don’t forget about the copha on the stove!)
  • Once melted completely, take off the heat to cool slightly before pouring in to the dry ingredients and mixing together with a wooden spoon.
  • Working quickly (as the chocolate crackles will start to set as soon as the copha starts cooling) spoon the mixture in to the patty cases, sprinkle lightly with the 100’s and 1000’s and place them in the fridge to set.

Lo’s tips

*Copha is a type of vegetable fat made from coconut oil and can be bought in a 250 gram solid block from the supermarket.












If you make these chocolate crackles, please leave your comments below. xx

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