salad of buffalo mozzarella, peaches & parma ham | friends for dinner

Saturday night. Friends coming round for dinner. What to cook?

Well you can’t go past an Italian menu of shared, relaxed food. So throw some spag bol on for the littlies and follow this menu below, keeping things simple, delicious and fun.

I like to scribble the menu on a large piece of butchers paper and stick it on the fridge for the guests to see what we are eating. It’s fun and a little bit theatrical which helps set the mood.


Below is the recipe for the entree that requires no cooking whatsoever, so can be prepared whilst enjoying a drink. Serve with a loaf of some good quality ciabatta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and butter.

salad of buffalo mozzarella, peaches & parma ham (enough for 8 pax as an entree)

4 ripe peaches
2 giant balls of buffalo mozzarella
12 thin slices of parma ham
mixed salad leaves
a couple of mint leaves
juice of 1 lemon
olive oil
salt & pepper

  • Scatter salad leaves around a large serving platter
  • Cut the peaches down the middle, in half with a knife so that you have two pieces. Discard the stone and then rip the peaches with your hands and arrange over the salad leaves. (It looks more rustic, tearing the peaches, as opposed to chopping them).
  • Tear the mozzarella and arrange scattered around the platter.
  • Rip and drape the parma ham around the platter.
  • Tear the mint leaves and scatter over the top.
  • Put the juice of a lemon, a good glug of olive oil and salt & pepper in a small bowl and mix together. Pour over the salad when ready to sit down and eat.




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