sweet little things | valentine’s day

It’s Valentine’s Day.. any excuse for a morning full of cooking and an outdoor picnic with the girls. We made three different things today and I’ve included the recipes below for you to do at home with your little ones.

Watermelon lolly pops (which are SO easy and healthy that you simply must give them a try), to “icing biccies” as we call them in our house (which are a cheat activity as they are just some store bought biscuits which the kids can ice and decorate themselves; great for birthday parties and for those of you that are time poor) and thirdly, some little pink cupcakes.

What I love about cooking with my girls is knowing that I am teaching them recipes that were taught to me by my mum (we used to always ice arrowroot biscuits at birthday parties!!) and also that they get to express their own creativity. I do try and let them do as many of the steps themselves as possible (it does make more mess, but it’s definitely worth it!)

Watermelon Lolly Pops 

This is a great little recipe as you can use any type of melon or fruit and thread them on to skewers or toothpicks. You can also use any little cookie cutters that you can get your hands on. Make Christmas trees at Christmas time, eggs at Easter, any shape you and the kids like!

It’s pretty self explanatory really – give the kids the cookie cutters, let them thread the cut fruit on to the toothpicks or skewers (making sure that the young ones don’t prick themselves on the pointy end of the toothpick) and they are ready to EAT! A perfect way too to get kids to eat more fruit.


*Love my little blue and white plates that were given to us for our wedding. The milk bottles and straws are from KMART. Handy to have in the cupboard to be used when friends pop round.


‘Icing biccies’

These really are a cheat recipe. I normally use arrowroot biscuits (pictured below are some little ginger biscuits as this was all I had in the cupboard) for the kids to ice and decorate with any little sweets or berries that you desire. They are virtually an instant cooking activity as you only need to make some icing, which takes less time than a cup of coffee!

Easy peasy icing

In a small bowl, mix about a cup of icing sugar in to a dessert spoon of soft butter. Use a fork to mix around, adding a splash of milk or boiling water if it needs more liquid or some more icing sugar if it is too runny. I grew up watching my mum make this icing and love making it. My mother in law uses a knife to mix hers instead of a fork and Mim, my grandma often adds a splash of lemon juice which makes it less sweet.

Add a teeny tiny drop of food colouring (it’s always better to start with less and add more if you need it).

This is enough for a small amount of icing to ice about 6 – 8 arrowroots. Make a larger amount, divide it in to bowls and make different colours too if you have more kids over and want to let their imaginations run wild. I’ve used some little pink sprinkles below.


Aunty Liv’s Butter Cake Recipe (Olivia Betts is a good family friend of ours and a wonderful baker.)


*I often use smaller patty cases so this recipe makes about 24 small cupcakes. I also froze half of the cupcakes to use for another day.




A picnic on the verandah. Spot on.



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