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My favourite soup in the whole wide world is Mum’s pea and lettuce soup (or green soup as Charlotte calls it). This broccoli soup is nearly as good.

So easy to make, simply whack it all in a pot and let it cook until the veggies are nice and soft before giving it a whizz with a stick blender. Add a touch of cream, a splash of lemon juice to liven it all up and be generous with the white pepper.

Enjoy with loads of toast or nice crusty bread. Perfect for an easy weeknight meal or to serve as a starter when you have friends for dinner.

Short and sweet.

broccoli soup
serves 4 as an entree, but can easily be adapted to feed more

1 x large potato, peeled and chopped in to chunks
1 x large head of broccoli, cut in to florets and the stem chopped in to chunks
1 x brown onion, roughed chopped
2 x teaspoons of chicken stock powder, diluted in 4 cups of water* (you can add a little more if need be when blitzing the soup)
1/2 cup of thickened cream
White pepper
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

  • Simply throw the potato, broccoli, onion and stock in to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Back off to a low simmer and let it go until the veggies are soft.
  • Using a stick blender, whizz it all up until you have a nice smooth consistency (adding a touch more water if it’s too thick).
  • Stir through the cream, lemon juice and white pepper to taste.

If you make this broccoli soup, please leave your comments below. xx


  1. Hi Lo, this was my first recipe from your blog I cooked. DE licious. Keen to try the infamous pea and lettuce now. How have I missed it over the years? Stay warm. Love Fran

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