the original all-bran muffins | the ultimate lunchbox snack or on-the-run breakie

I recently bought a box of All-Bran. Random I know. I thought I might enjoy eating it for breakfast. Turns out, that wasn’t the case and it’s just been sitting in the pantry ever since. Not in it’s original packaging mind you as everything that enters our pantry, enters at it’s own risk. Packaging is turfed and if it’s not enclosed in an air tight Tupperware container – it’s dinner for the mice.

[Note to self, for food styling purposes, must keep all cereal boxes for times such as these when cereal is not being eaten and experimental cooking takes place].

So there you have it. I’ve made the original All-Bran muffins this morning; the recipe coming from the Kelloggs website (and often found on the side of the cereal box). I used to make these when Charlotte had just turned 1 and I was always playing around with kid friendly recipes. Annabelle loves these muffins too which is a plus.

They make for a great lunchbox addition or for an easy on-the-go breakie when you’re running out the door with no time to spare. I’m sure you could probably add mashed banana or some apple to this recipe, I’ve never tried it as my girls luckily eat so much fruit already that I don’t need to find ways to hide it. Taking after their Grandad in the fruit loving department, this must be a Thomas trait. Us Thomas’ have many traits.

Not all of them bad it seems.


the original all-bran muffins (makes 12)

2 x cups of Kellogg’s All-Bran original cereal
1 1/4 cups of milk
1 1/4 cups of plain flour
1/2 cup of sugar
1 x tablespoon of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 x egg
1/4 cup of vegetable oil

  • Preheat the oven to 180℃ and line a 12 capacity muffin tin with baking paper squares. (Or alternatively, spray muffin tin with canola oil spray).
  • In a mixing bowl, stir the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
  • Combine the All-Bran and milk together in another bowl to sit for 2 minutes or until the cereal softens.
  • Add the egg and oil to the All-Bran and beat well with a wooden spoon.
  • Gradually add the flour mixture to the All-Bran and mix until just combined.
  • Pour in to the muffin tin and bake for 20 minutes or until cooked through.

Lo’s tips

  • These muffins freeze well.
  • Similar to all muffins, they’re nice served with a smear of butter.
  • You can also add frozen berries to this recipe. My sister Ali did and loved them.


img_6622img_6623img_6627img_6630If you make these all-bran muffins, please comment below. xx


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