egg nets w hoisin chicken

I’m not going to lie. These were pretty messy to eat and definitely not as professional looking as you’d find in a restaurant, but my oh my did they taste delicious!

Have you ever watched The Cook and the Chef? It’s one of my favourite cooking shows (I have a long list of favourite cooking shows) because I love the way Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant get on so well and compliment each other.

I saw the episode where Simon fussed around with making egg nets ages ago and have always wanted to try them for myself. I can’t remember exactly how he did it or what he served them with, (I tried to dig up the episode but had no luck) all I know is that he inspired me to give them a go.

I love going to the fridge and cooking dinner with whatever ingredients I can rustle up. I happened to have two dozen eggs and some fresh chicken breast in the fridge, so voila! The hoisin sauce combined with the garlic, chilli and ginger works really well and the freshness of the coriander (omitted for Cork Daddy’s plate of course), shallots and carrot are a match made in heaven.

These can be made as part of an Asian banquet or for a casual dinner. The nets are a bit of fun and something a little different. They’re healthy, fresh and surprisingly filling! I’m recipe planning my next dinner party as we speak.

egg nets w hoisin chicken (serves 2)

1 x large chicken breast, cut in to very small pieces
5 x eggs
1 x carrot, very finely chopped (you can use a mandolin here if it’s easier or a speed grater)
1 x shallot, finely sliced
Fresh coriander leaves, a small handful
1/2 a red chilli, finely sliced
1 x garlic clove, minced
1 x small piece of ginger, grated, (about the size of a 20 cent coin)
A good couple of shakes of Hoisin sauce
A splash of Chinese rice wine (Shaoxing)
A dash of sesame oil, for frying the chicken
Salt and freshly cracked pepper
A couple of splashes of vegetable oil, for frying the egg nests
Soy sauce, to serve

  • Crack the eggs in to a bowl, adding a small dash of water and whisk together using a fork.
  • In a large non stick fry pan, heat a small splash of vegetable oil and coat the pan using a pastry brush.
  • Dip your fingers in to the egg mixture and from a height, swirl your hand around so that the egg drips off your fingers in to the pan. Working quickly, keep dipping your fingers in the egg mixture and keep dripping the egg over the pan in a criss cross pattern and swirling round and round so that it coats the fry pan to resemble a net. (This takes a little practice).
  • Once the egg is cooked (it only takes a couple of minutes) slide it off on to a dinner plate and coat the pan in a thin layer of oil and start again. (Hopefully you improve each time you try). Don’t give up!
  • I placed the cooked egg nets between sheets of baking paper so that they didn’t stick together, so I finished up with a pile of egg nest / baking paper / egg nest / baking paper etc. You get the idea.
  • Once the egg nets are cooked, wipe out the frying pan with a clean tea towel and add a splash of sesame oil. Over a high heat, fry the chicken pieces. Season with salt and pepper here.
  • The chicken won’t take long to cook if the heat is high enough and you’ve cut the pieces small enough. Don’t overcrowd the pan either if you’re making a larger quantity of chicken. Once the chicken is nearly cooked, add the garlic, chilli, ginger, hoisin sauce and a dash of Chinese rice wine and cook for another couple of minutes to heat through and for the sauce to come together.
  • Simply place the chicken, shallots, coriander and carrots in the middle of the egg net and roll it up as you would a burrito.
  • Serve with some soy sauce for dipping the egg nets in to.

Lo’s tips

  • Make sure the heat is not too high as you don’t want the egg nets to burn.
  • Go easy on the sesame oil. A little goes a LONG way.
  • Of course you can use any veggies you like. Think bean sprouts, Lebanese cucumbers, red capsicum, shredded wombok lettuce, cabbage or finely sliced snow peas.
  • You could also add some cooked vermicelli noodles as well.
  • You could replace the chicken breast with chicken or pork mince also.







If you make these egg nests please leave your comments below, or post your pic on Insta, tagging #los_kitchen. xx

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